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Miami-New York
Armor Protective Group is a South Florida based
Private Investigative Agency.  Our services are
divided in two main areas:
Protection and

We provide Protection Services to a wide variety
of clients including CEO's of major corporations,
celebrities, witness protection, victims of stalking,
domestic violence, and child custody cases.  We
can deploy plain clothes agents on short notice.  
The number of agents required will depend on the
threat level and severity. Visit our Protective
Services page for more detailed information.  

We provide Investigation Services to a wide
variety of clients such as attorneys, insurance
companies, small businesses, corporations, and
private individuals
Our range of services include simple background
checks to more complex undercover operations.  
Please visit our Investigative Services for a more
complete listing of services.  

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide services with
professionalism, integrity, honesty, and respect
while maintaining the utmost confidentiality.  


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